Fibromylgia Comments

I have received comments from followers making a personal statement or asking for a response from myself, or anyone who can relate to fibromyalgia. When I first started this blog I really had no idea what niche I was going to follow, other than writing posts about personal experiences that other people may be able to relate to. Being a baby boomer I have plenty of things I could write about or embarrass myself with! However, I have got a very real response to all the fibomyalgia articles that I have posted here, on Twitter and Facebook. I discovered that everyone needs someone that can relate to this disease and talk to. I myself have no one to talk to so I have decided this is going to my niche. You will still get stories about myself and anything I decide to add that I feel people may like. If you would like for me to add your questions and or information in one of my posts, email me at I will only add your name if you agree to it, otherwise your information will be left anonymous. Here is one of the comments: I have also noticed the following symptoms: * shakes/tremors that tend to be worse after activity or while experiencing higher levels of pain; * nausea that seems to be occurring daily around lunchtime; and * bouts of sweating, especially during the night. Anyone else out there have these? If you have any of these symptoms you may make a comment at the bottom of this post. I myself have noticed shakes/tremors that tend to be worse after activity or while experiencing higher levels of pain. I do experience nausea occasionally along with dizziness. But not very often. I can't remember right now if I knew what may have set it off. (bouts of sweating, especially during the night.) I can attest to bouts of sweating at any time day or night! Everyone else can be freezing, but I will be sweating like an old man in the fields on a hot summer day. Oh my, can I ever relate!! I don't want my posts to get too long, so I will address this issue again later.

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