My Cats "Beau and Sheik"

Everybody that knows me knows that I love cats. I like dogs, but I love cats. They are the only thing in the house that is self cleaning, except for maybe the oven, of course. I am the kind of pet lover that lets my pets sleep with me and feel offended when they don't. They look at me with great admiration and I look at them for the great pleasure and sense of love they provide. And they are great entertainment. Anyone who has a house cat knows what I mean when I say the "dash and go" game. This is where they are sitting completely still looking like they are asleep with their eyes open and in one second they are across the room like they were shot out of a cannon. This always amazes me. My cats loved the milk ring that you pull off the plastic container. We always pulled them off and threw them on the floor automatically. Most of the time you could probably round up about fifty if you crawled under the bed or dug deep enough in the closet. When we had visitors, especially the ones that didn't come over very often, or didn't have inside pets, we tried to hide them. I always felt like they would think, man these people throw their trash on the floor, how gross! One or two rings would appear during those visits if the cats liked the visitors. They would carry one over to them and drop one at their feet and look up and meow. Most of these people had no idea what was going on, so we would have to show them how to play the the "milk ring toss" game. This game got even funnier after we got a wood floor in our kitchen and family room. The cats would run and then no tomorrow. They soon learned how not to slam into the fireplace. We had a small wool rug in front of one of our chairs and when they landed on that it was like a magic carpet ride. They loved it! We no longer have Beau and Sheik. They are playing with each other in cat heaven. They are probably looking for milk rings and someone to toss them. I miss those cats with all my heart.

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