Gwen Stefani and No Doubt Concert

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter to a concert. I love to go to concerts even now at my age. I enjoy them best if it is a person or group that I am familiar with and enjoy their music. At this concert I was familiar with the lead singer but not the group itself.
We went to a large venue near Chicago to see Gwen Stefani and No Doubt. No Doubt has not been together as a group for a few years so it was a concert my daughter wanted to see, because who knows when or if they would get together again. I like Gwen Stefani so I was okay about going even though there was no real interest in the group itself.
I really enjoyed myself. It was probably one of the most animated concerts that I have been to for a long time. She never (and I mean never) stood still for a moment. She is a terrific performer and singer. I was really glad that I went.
We had to sit through the first act which was Paramore. Neither one of us knew anything about them, and neither one of us were very happy with their music. They were a group that appealed to the very young and I guess you could say that it was head banger music. We were thrilled when they were finished.
For probably ten years or more when you attend concerts the trend is to stand during the performance. My theory is that I paid for the seat and I want to sit in it. But if you want to see the show you must stand. So for the 1 1/2 hour show I stood until I could stand no more. I can actually walk better than I can stand. Standing causes me great pain in my hips and legs and back. So by the time it was over my pain level was about an 8. It was a long long long walk back to the car through a crowd with some drunk young people who were walking sideways more than just forward. I kept my cool (which was very hard a few times) and told myself just put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. I can't remember when I have been so excited to see my car. It took a little while to find it but "hooray" there it was and I couldn't wait to get in.
I have included pictures my daughter took and you may notice that there is a tall guy with spiked blonde hair in a pink tutu, with black and white socks that went above his knees. And under that pink tutu was some very tight and small Speedo looking underwear. He was dressed at the beginning of the show and after the 1st song he stripped down to to the Speedo and the socks. I had the pleasure of seeing the whole strip thing. At the end of the show he bowed to everyone, but facing away from us. So the moon did shine that night for a little while!!


sugartank said...

saw them in Milwaukee too! great show!

Anonymous said...

That was one great show! Gwen's abs were amazing! And she was wearing her white pants so low... I wonder if the went commando :D