My Husband's Recovery

Good afternoon to all. It is a sunny day here and quite cool and breezy. It is time to look forward to autumn and slide as graciously as we can into winter. My favorite season is fall. I love the colors, the cool sunny days, and the smell of smoke coming from bonfires and fireplaces. I don't fair well in hot and humid weather, so this is a perfect time for me.
Things are starting to get better at our house, finally. My husband has been able to get all the medical issues addressed that were holding him back from getting better. He is starting to improve and making strides to getting well. It is a very slow process but at least he is able to eat again and is outside and walking. He is getting a bit stronger everyday. I make a point of getting him out of the house at least ever other day. We go to the park and drive around or we go out and eat and I have been taking him along when I run errands.
His overall outlook has improved which is very important to a good recovery. We have found a support group that we will attend for the 1st time at the end of the month. My husband has talked with the director of the group and he has assured him that his life will return to normal. It will help immensely for him to be with others that have the same illness and situation to deal with. My husband had an ileostomy August 26. He had his colon and rectum permanently removed. He will now and forever wear an ostomy bag.
If all goes well, he will return to work in November and hopefully our lives will go on without a hitch as stressful and lasting as long as this one did.

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