The Elton John Show And My Seat Buddies

You know now that I saw the Elton John Show in Las Vegas. I was seated next to the woman who offered the free ticket. She was from Ohio and had been in Vegas for ten days existing on her comps. She had left her husband behind and was having a great time by herself. Sitting to her left were two men who when they entered into our row and seeing that we were sitting together assumed we were friends and proceeded to talk to us like we were all the best of friends and known each other forever. They introduced themselves and I swear they tried to hit on us. Now for the people who don't know me and what I look like I am fairly tall and definitely not slender by any means. Put it this way, I no longer skinny dip, I chunky dunk. Ohio lady was short and about as wide as she was tall and reminded me of a bag lady. The two men looked like Mutt and Jeff. One tall and skinny and the other one lets say for politeness sake, very.......robust. Mutt filled his seat and half of Ohio lady's seat which in turn pushed her over into about half of my seat which in turn put me into half of the next seat. After Mutt and Jeff arrived a man entered our row to my right and sat two seats from me. The first thing he announced was that by the time the show was over, we would all wish that we weren't seated near him. He was loud and drunk and went on and on about how the bartender had cut him off and how he couldn't understand why?! We all figured it out very quickly. I will call him drunk guy #1. Now enters the man who sat next to me holding a glass beer bottle. Thank God he was skinny! He nodded off during the show, but never did snore. I was just waiting for the bottle to fall out of his hand and break into a million pieces. Finally drunk guy #1 reached over and removed the bottle from his hand which woke up drunk guy #2. He sat there a minute and then looked at drunk guy #1 and then looked at me and said "I've been to this show about 6 times and it gets better every time I come." As far as I could see the only thing he saw of this show was the ceiling as his head was leaning back and looking up the whole time. I felt like I got more than my money's worth. The show around me was ever bit as interesting as the one on the stage. If anyone can relate, please leave a comment.


Elizabeth said...

I hope you had fun, though.

Nilz said...

That's a terrific experience you had. Fortunately, I have never faced such incident. Anyway, it sounds that you enjoyed the show barring all discomforts.

Have a great time.

Paige said...

I enjoyed reading your blog hope you had a nice time.