Las Vegas & Elton John For Free

This past November my husband and daughter and I went to Las Vegas for 4 days. We had the opportunity to stay and eat at Caesars Palace for free, so of course we took that offer. There are so many things to do and see at Caesars Palace that you could never leave the building for days and not have a lack of things to see or do. Our trip was relatively free except for plane fare and gambling. I was the only one who won enough to brag about. I won a jackpot the 1st day and got a royal flush on the last day. Yeah for me! But my biggest delight was to see Elton John's show with his red piano. Oh yeah, I got to see that for free too! Of all the music stars that I would like to see perform in my lifetime, Elton John was at the top of my list. The show didn't disappoint either. It was as bawdy, sexy, colorful and as crude as you might expect and more. One thing I realized about 5 minutes in to the show was that he sounds even better singing live. He talked a lot to the audience and spoke of Celine Dion's show being there before his. He did nothing except praise her over and over and refer to her as "the skinny bitch" a hundred times. He was comparing himself to her and him not being skinny at all. The singing and the show was awesome beyond description. I would see it again in a New York minute. My next blog will be about the colorful characters that I had the pleasure to be seated by.

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