Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters aren't we a funny combination at times? Sometimes we are all loving, caring, happy and enjoying each other. And then there are times when we look at each other and say to ourselves, do I know that person? Our daughters go from wanting to be with us constantly when they are young and being proud to show us off, then to being embarrassed and pretending they don't know us when their peers are around in their teenage years. When they move into the 20's and 30's there begins a new time of growth that at times can be very tedious at best. The mother wants to still have a say in the daughter's life and wants her daughter's life to be happy and fulfilled and have all the best that life has to offer. The daughter wants to be independent and feels that she has learned all that she needs to know from you by now. But in fact, we never do stop learning from each other, ever. I see in my daughter the strengths and desires that I didn't have at that age. Sometimes I yearn to go back to that time. But I can't, so I just go on learning how to be my own age and try to cope with that.

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