My Dad, Me & The Toy Store

When I was very young my dad drove a milk truck for a living. He drove from farm to farm and loaded milk that the farmers had milked from their cows that morning. I was given the pleasure to ride along on those journeys from time to time. It was fun because I got to visit with other kids and see a lot of baby animals and the farm wives would usually give me candy or a treat. After he was finished with each farm he would then drive to a large dairy in town to empty his truck. One day on the way home we stopped at a toy store. The name was Koehlinger's and I got to choose a toy. Now this was my only trip that I can ever recall to a toy store. I don't recall much about what was there to choose from, but I chose a very colorful metal xylophone. Why did I choose that you say? Were there no dolls or cute little girl things? Why wasn't I told that I would irritate the crap out of everyone within hearing distance? I don't know, but I must have fell in love with it at first sight and apparently my dad must have loved me too.

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