Rotator Cuff Mishap

I have now discovered what it is like to not be able to use my right arm. I am sure that I have a rotator cuff tear. I have had problems with it before, but not to this extent. I looked on Google and the symptoms match mine to a tee. So now I have great difficulty washing and combing my hair and most anything around the house that demands trying to raise my right arm above my elbow. There are some good things about this. I have a great excuse for not getting anything done. The negatives are, that I am home all day and can't fasten my bra. This means that I can't leave the house or open the door for anyone. To put it as politely as I can, the Girls are now on a first name basis with my belly button. Their names are Hang Low, Hang Lower and Miss Button. I am quite sure that no one wants to see this or get to know them on a first name basis. I am trying to put off going to the doctor, because I know what is going to happen. There are miracles every day, and I may wake up tomorrow with no problem with my arm at all. I am going to stick with that for now:)


XSarenkaX said...

Don't wait for a miracle. Please make sure you get the proper care you need and see a doctor soon.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It gave me a much needed laugh, but also brought back painful memories of my own right shoulder rotator cuff tear. I had 2 MRIs, but neither one showed any problems. Yet my arm became so painful and unuseable. Finally, after a year of physical therapy and other trials, the doctor did surgery. The front side of the shoulder joint was nice and smooth like it was supposed to be, but the back side looked like ground hamburger. And there was a hole in the rotator cuff the size of a nickel. I have regained the use of my arm and shoulder and most importantly the pain is gone.

I urge you to get your shoulder taken care of as quickly as possible. Also I would like to know how you are doing with all of this. My e-mail is

Good luck to you.

P.S. Front closing bras are the only way to go.