My Fibromyalgia Trigger

We all have read that they don't know how people get fibromyalgia. But a lot of people seem to know when it started and it usually has to do with a very traumatic event. It could be an accident, a death, almost anything that was extremely hard to go through. My event was a nasty fall at work. It had been snowing and freezing rain and the sidewalks weren't cleared yet. I was leaving work and I was being careful, but my feet just slid and went right into the air and I came down hard on my back, neck and shoulders. And then I slid down the sidewalk, through the landscaping stones, over a curb, and almost under a car. I laid there for a few moments wondering if I would be able to get up or not. I slowly got up. I knew I broke my finger, because it hurt something awful. I didn't drop my purse or my lunch bag. I think I fell fairly gracefully as far as falls go. It wasn't the kind of fall that your friends stand there and laugh at you. It was an "oh no" kind of fall. I should have went with my first instinct and gone to the hospital and been checked out. But I did as my manager said and went to see the company doctor. And so the story goes on and on and on for over a year of the most ridiculous ideas and so many doctors that I can't remember them all. If I would have taken care of it myself, I would have been able to have the surgery on my neck right away, and been back to work in probably 6 to 8 weeks. There wouldn't have been all the trauma that went on with workman's comp and my workplace management. They made me work that whole year, which made my problem worse over time until I could no longer feel my shoulder, arm or my hand. I couldn't hold on to anything without dropping it. I may not be in the place I am now if I had went with my first instinct. I did break my finger and I had a discectomy with a fusion on my C5-C6 vertebrae. I never did get back to work. There are times to this day that I still want to put a brace on just to hold my neck up. When my neck flares up really bad, it feels like it takes all of my energy to hold it up. It is very tiring and uncomfortable.

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