Ten Years With Fibromyalgia

I have had a fibromyalgia diagnosis for about ten years. I sometimes find it hard to write about it or talk about it because I really don't acknowledge that I have it openly. When I first learned that I had fibro it was a huge relief to finally know that it wasn't just me being crazy. A relief mostly that it was real. A real disease, not just me, but something actually that I could read about and get information. It didn't just choose me, there were other people out there experiencing the same thing. I think what is the biggest thing of all, is finding out the symptoms are real, not in your head, or that you are not being lazy, or looking for ways to get out of things. Which I believe a lot of non-fibro people think and in turn makes you wonder that too. I can say that I live with it, but it is a daily chore living around it. I can never make plans too far ahead, because I don't know how I will be that day. What I miss most is being able to go on long walks and trips to Chicago. I live just south of Chicago and at one time I could spend the whole day there just walking and sight seeing. Now when we ride the train, I am lucky to get 2 or 3 blocks from the train station. This really makes me sad, because I miss seeing and doing so many things that I have available to me.

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Robin said...

I am sad that you are suffering, but as someone with Fibro and RA, I empathize with you. Hard for friends to "get it" when you keep saying I have to stay home.

We do the best we can, keep our heads high and most importantly, listen to our bodies as they know best.

R. Samdperil