Be Patient - I Will Return Soon - I Hope

I want to thank Cinda and Cat Whisperer for the wonderful comments. I am glad that I can help other woman feel better by giving some advice or at least give them a laugh. And I appreciate all comments or e-mails. They give me a boost to keep on going even when I'm not sure that I can.
Today is one of those days. I have not been on the computer since last Thursday making any new additions to this blog. My husband has been in the hospital and that has occupied all of my time and it will continue to for a while longer. When everything gets back to normal you will hear more from me and I will have some stories to tell.
Until then, take care of yourselves and make sure to get a good laugh at least everyday. It will make you feel better.


Luzinha said...

I wish all the best for you and your family!
come back soon! we are waiting you on the twitter!

be good!

catwhisperer said...

I've said a prayer for you and your husband. Faith, love and hope will get you thru this. At least you're not alone. LOL