My Blog (A piece of my own little world)

I am learning what a competitive world blogging can be. I started blogging as a hobby as a place for me to communicate with others. I am not here to compete with anyone. I am not a pro blogger. I am a high school graduate and I have no degree from a university. It is just me, a 59 year old stay at home wife who just wants something that is mine and just mine alone to have and be proud of.
From now on you will only hear words that are directly from me and only me. I may post a link to information that I think may be valuable to my followers, but I will use my own words in response to that information. What I write as far as I am concerned is for everyone to read and take with them any way they choose. If I didn't want it that way, I wouldn't be putting it on the Internet for all to see to begin with.
Now that I have got my rant out I do feel a little better. I would say more, but I am sure that you all get it.

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